How to avoid unwanted referral traffic from Poland in Google analytics?

Main Issue? Referral Traffic in Analytics

Below is a sample file for your reference of the issue.

Solution:) We are going to stop this referral domain from our Google tag.

To avoid unnecessary Traffic, we can able to control the referral from malicious website from Poland.

Setp1: Go to the admin panel of your Google Analytics GA4.

Setp2: Click On Data streams under Data Collection and modification menu in Admin Panel.

Setp3: Now in Data Streams select the Stream you are using (In this data stream only we are going to restrict).

Setp4: Now the selected data stream will open with the following window. In this windows we need to select Configure Tag Settings.

Setp5: Once we clicked the Configure Tag settings, it will open the following window which will show your tag information. In this window, we need to click the Show more button.

Setp6: In show more in Google tag, we need to select the List unwanted referrals.

Setp7: After clicked List unwanted referrals, we need to click add condition button. Open another google analytics window,

In google analytics, select Report >click Traffic acquisition as shown below

In traffic acquisition select the traffic, click the arrow mark which is marked in the below screenshot and select session source/medium

Once session source/medium selected in Traffic acquisition, you can see the referral detail with domain address as show below.

In the above marked domains are creating a unwanted traffic and at the same time they are having only one IP Address for this client.

Now copy the domain and go to window that we opened in data streams flow at STEP7 Window.

Step8: Once Add condition clicked in the google tag, you can see the window as shown below,

Setp9: Enter/copy paste one the unwanted referral domain in the above condition. I have copied this static.seders.website domain,

Setp10: Now click the save button on top right corner and follow for the all unwanted domains.

Hope it works out, follow us for more updates.

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10 thoughts on “How to avoid unwanted referral traffic from Poland in Google analytics?”

    1. Enlight Globe

      Hi Vallabh,
      Google analytics will not consider these domains as referrals in Traffic Acquisition.
      Enligt globe team.

  1. It’s not like it’s going to solve the problem, it’s just going to make the source of that traffic Direct.

    1. Hi Alex,
      when a user enter the website address without clicking a link will be considered as a Direct traffic.
      If a user comes to a website from a website it will be considered as a referral.
      So it won’t work like direct traffic.
      -Team Enlight Globe

  2. My most of the clients are facing the same issue… that most of the traffic is coming from Poland. But why is google not smart enough to mark these traffic as spam.

    1. Enlight Globe

      Hi Pankaj Gupta,
      There is no option in Google to avoid spam traffic. They provide service only, so that’s why they provide an option to stop unwanted referrals. Once unwanted domain added those domain will be rejected, also they won’t be considered as referral or direct in google analytics.
      Team Enlight globe

  3. Iam getting unusual traffic from Poland only on one landing page and source/medium is Google/Organic and is not from referral.Can you please help?

    1. yeah sure!! let us check where the traffic triggered and analyse the issue. kindly contact us on 9715335506.
      Thank you.

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